How it Works

We are super excited to have launched our hyper-personalized itinerary planner backed by AI/ML to find the coolest hidden gems the world has to offer and match those with your travel preferences. 😎

We’ve all shared this experience where we spent hours scrolling through blogs and “Top 10” rankings to plan our big trip—that process was already stressful enough. With Baryl, we take on this heavy-lifting.

3 Simple Steps in using Bary:

1️⃣ Take our Travel Personality Test, and share with us any bucket list items & favorite cuisines!
2️⃣ Get excited (that’s it!), and you’ll receive your Baryl itinerary with expert-written blurbs introducing each recommendation, all in one single unique weblink in your inbox!
3️⃣ Customize as you please, and if you’d like, chatting with one of our travel experts is one click away!

Our travelers are our non-negotiable priority. We take the care to understand your travel preferences, and we give you full control over how hands-on you’d like to be.

So... How can I get started?

Check out our Travel Personality Test on our website (takes ~5 minutes or less), and your custom itinerary will be delivered in you & your co-travelers’ inboxes
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