📣 Launch Announcement

by Yuyang Zhang
Co-Founder, COO
Hi there,

I’ve been super excited to write to you all about our newly launched Baryl itinerary-planner. As some of you know, we initially manually planned trips for travelers with our pilot starting at the end of last year. We’ve been listening, learning, and improving our product experience from our early adopters’ feedback throughout the past months. Now, my team and I are all really proud to present to you this enhanced high-touch, tech-enabled solution.
As a big traveler myself, I felt and understood what a lot of our customers were telling me about. “We love traveling, but lack the time and energy to do the research. We thought we found cool things online, but the touristy experiences ended up being disappointing…” Here at Baryl, our goal is to become the first line of defense for travel planning and create a world where everyone can experience travel to the fullest with personalized plans.
We achieve this in 3 steps: Aggregate the best of each city; Build a hyper-personalized itinerary for our travelers; Let our travelers customize their itinerary with extra curated recommendations along their route. What makes Baryl unique in the bustling travel industry with several big-name companies is our fundamental drive in being a user-centric brand.

A commitment to users

At Baryl, your travel preferences are our priority. Our Travel Personality Test📝 is designed by travel experts to understand how you like to travel with the most exciting yet least amount of questions. Each trip you take is likely to be different, and that’s why our backend  tracks your previous travel preferences, too. Your recommendations will only get better.

Travelers like you and me are in full control throughout the process. Path-optimized day-by-day schedules with suggested times, hand-written blurbs introducing each recommendation, embedded reservation links to easily book your events…Everything is included in one single unique weblink easily shareable with your co-travelers and everyone. And, you are ready to go! Or if you are like me who prefer to be more hands-on planning, you can customize on Baryl—as much as you’d like.

Baryl is committed to breaking industry limits and setting new standards for travel. We are continuing to refine our recommendation engine as we plan more trips to fuel The Baryl Studio🗺, our fully automated itinerary planner. Keep an eye out for the Baryl Travel Companion App📲, a mobile application to send real-time travel reminders and tips to our travelers and to allow for on-the-fly itinerary flexibility.

So... How can I get started?

Glad you asked! Check out our Travel Personality Test on our website (takes ~5 minutes or less), and your custom itinerary will be delivered in you & your co-travelers’ inboxes
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Yuyang Zhang

Hi! I'm Yuyang, the Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer at Baryl, Inc. I started Baryl to bring memorable, unique travel experiences to more people—with all the excitement and none of the stress. I love traveling around the world (especially to national parks), and I was at Big Sur, California earlier in 2022 on a meditation retreat!
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